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Instructables supports teachers by providing free Premium Memberships and awesome project ideas for your classroom. We provide plug and play hands-on projects to let you supplement your curriculum with the best projects that other teachers have to offer. You don't need to be a traditional classroom teacher to participate, either. If you are an after-school teacher, a scouting leader, a librarian who runs programs, or anyone whose job is explicitly educational, you are invited to participate.

And if you've got a great project to share, we're constantly running contests to reward the best educational Instructables. Sign up for a free Premium Membership, check out the other projects teachers have submitted, or document your own awesome project. Sign up and get started today.

"I use Instructables for ideas for classroom projects, information on how to do/make portions of classroom projects, and ideas to help my students explore more about topics they are interested in. For example, last year my Aerospace class made rubberband-powered airplanes from scratch - Instructables helped me to come up with some techniques I could show my students in class how to construct their airplane."
-kowens, Freedom High School

"Students use the website to find ideas and inspiration for projects and I use it for all sorts of things. Whenever I am looking into doing something I check Instructables for information. The website provides top quality information and is a valuable resource to people of all walks of life. I have it listed as a resource on my school webpage for both parents and students."
-mparson, Fort Cherry High School