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Picture of simple lighter trick
for the inner pyromaniac in you! will keep you and your audience entertain for, well however long you stick to it.

things you will need:
2 hands (your own)
a lighter (any)

other flammable sprays

Step 1: Hold the little button down

Picture of hold the little button down
light your lighter.
blow it out
make a fist
stick the end of the lighter in your fist (the part that sprays gas)

JacksonH201 year ago
I used the last one and I forgot to wet my hand and before I lit the fire I was thinking how this should act like if I were to light oil on fire and I was right
lemonie10 years ago

these are good traditional pyro tricks! But please be careful, and if you are going to publish can you take some photos of the stuff you did?

sev17 (author)  lemonie10 years ago
i should be able to do that soon (I hope)

your great!!!!!

whats so angerous about this trick i havent burnt my hand yet
FaZeHunter2 years ago

*my user name*

FaZeHunter2 years ago

Im a 13 year old boy, home alone and I just did it about 5 minutes ago It Worked!!!! Is tried by using the gas from the lighter, but it didn't make the fire big, So I closed my fist and sprayed axe in there and turned the lighter on where the opening of my hand is and !y hand IGNITED WITH BLUE FIRE!!!!! When I let it stay there it burned me so i waved quickly! Then I did it gain and kept the fire in there longer IT WORKS!!!!! I'm putting his on my Instagram! I would recommend using axe! Talk to me on Instagram mymusername is LittleDougie_ (No Spaces) 10000000 stars!!!!!! ?????

FaZeHunter2 years ago


Just asking this doesn't work for me does it work for anyone else?
my hairspray burns by itself, so when you spray it in your hand it wont be just the gas burning, trying to wave out the fire will only make it worse
sharlston10 years ago
if you have a broken lighter in need of fixing go to my post to get it fixed

heres the link:
finfan710 years ago
I had a few of my friends hanging out one night and they were filling their mouths with the gas and blowing fire.