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I say "pop-its" because they are not exactly the same as the small fireworks you throw at the ground to make them pop. They are a little bit louder and cant be thrown(obviously you could throw them but they wouldnt make the desired "pop" noise) you have to hit them with something hard such as a hammer or a rock. I hope you enjoy this very simple instructible and be safe:) im hoping to post some more pyrotechnic projects after I order some aluminum powder.

Step 1: Materials

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•10 strike anywhere matches • scotch tape • scissors • hammer (or a banana if you prefer)

it's time for Fourth of July

fancypants23 (author) 4 years ago
idk if anyone reads comments, but if you use duct tape and also tape across corners with duct tape then use clear tape, it can sound louder than a 22 gunshot if you use enough duct tape
fancypants23 (author) 4 years ago
ill try that, thanks for the idea:)
mdhteach4 years ago
Cool... maybe you could put one on the end of a modified "Minion Lawn Dart" from a previous Instructable... search... maybe hitting a hard surface with enough force could ignite it...