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How to write a great instructable


Writing a great instructable is easier than you think! Have a look at the projects in this collection - they'll help you publish an amazing project.

With so many projects being posted on the site all the time, the tutorials below will help your instructable get seen and possibly even help you win a contest or two. :D

Basic Photo Editing style
A little photo editing can go a long way! Read this instructable to learn more about quick photo edits you can make with free software.
How to choose a title and keywords for your instructable style
Choosing the right title and keywords is super important when it comes to getting your project seen both on Instructables and when people search Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
Using SEO to increase an Instructable's views style
There are parts of this that are out of date, but overall it's a wonderful guide for beginners looking to improve their SEO.
How to win Instructables contests. style
This instructable gives tips for all the things you should include in your project to get featured and have a chance at winning some contests.