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Picture of duct tape 1 up mushroom
In this instructable I will show you how to make a 1up mushroom out of
4 ping pong balls
alot of reynolds wrap
a used wrap of duct tape
and of course ALOT duct tape.

I think one could make this in 20 minutes. It took me much longer because i had a dozen different ideas and only one would work. I made a blue mushroom, which really isn't a 1up, because it's my favorite color. If you want a true one up use green duct tape. If you want a power Shroom use red. The other colors you will need are black (for the eyes) and white (for the spots and stem). When you start make sure you have alot of your white, and your green (or other color if you use a different color)

Step 1: Umbrella

Picture of umbrella
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Picture 863.jpg
Picture 866.jpg
first your gonna want to wrap your ping pong balls in aluminum foil. Make sure you give it a good wrapping. Then start wrapping it with tape. Remember you want the final shape to be a circle when viewed from above. So try to duct tape it that shape. When your satisfied with the size your done.
pretty sweet! AND retro! I have a duct tape light saber I'm gonna upload, so look for that, too. :)
IM Gonna try this, it looks neat!!
rockendrumer10 years ago
1 up mushrooms are green
sev17 (author)  rockendrumer10 years ago
oh realy? And i didn't say that in the first few lines of the ible did I? jeez the ignorance running rampart
little wrinkle. otherwise pretty nice.
1spartan9510 years ago
Thanks! I've been wondering what to do with my empty roll of duct tape.