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Picture of adjustable guitar strap made with duct tape
In this instructable we will be making a duct tape guitar strap. This took me altogether probably 30 minutes, and saves me 15 dollars for a sweet looking strap.
You will need:

For the strap:
any color of duct tape
15 inches of shoestring (you use 14 inches but stay on the safe side)
measuring tape
large roll of paper (I got my roll from the newspaper office) optional

For the heart design:
your color choice of duct tape
knife or scissors

For the Instructable robot:
orange duct tape
yellow duct tape
black duct tape

By the way, while I was making this I had to move from area to area in our house to get away from my siblings grubby fingers. See if you can count all the different spots in the pictures. The first one to correctly count them and post a comment saying so will get a internet chest bump!

Step 1: Making the body

Picture of making the body
If you're really, really hardcore, and have the patience to, instead of doing this step the way I did it you can make the strap completely out of duct tape and forget the paper altogether. The only problem I can see with this is it will take alot more duct tape.

I started out by taking my current strap and cutting a section of paper that length, but made it 4 inches in width. It was 44 inches long. Then I folded the paper in half and started covering it with tape. And more tape. And more tape till I had covered it all the way. Then I cut a sliver of paper 40 inches and 3 inches wide. I flipped this in half and coated it in duct tape. The reason I made 2 straps was so that I could make it adjustable.
_-A7X-_8 years ago
@Mitvas, sure, you could just go buy one for $10, but it wouldn't be nearly as cool or artistic. But then again, to each their own I suppose.
mitvas9 years ago
 A guitar strap is around 10$,so is a role of duct tape,so i'd rather buy a real one.But it's a nice idea.
with a roll you could make more