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Picture of Xpedit - Atmosphere Monitoring Device for Hiking and Trekking

When you are planning to do an adventure journey or trekking to the wild, it is essential to have a device in your backpack that helps you to understand the environment.

For my upcoming adventure trip, i planned to build a handheld device that helps me to monitors temperature, humidity, air pressure, and altitude as well as an alarm can be set for any of the parameters go beyond a user-defined threshold value. The device is powered with 1000maH lipo battery, with a backup of 72 Hours continues running!

I made this device smaller in size, smarter to use, looks cool in your hands and durable in outdoor. I keep the budget within $18!

Step 1: Get the Parts and Tools!

Picture of Get the Parts and Tools!

Component and Parts :


    • Soldering Iron
    • Multimeter
    • Allen key 3mm Screw Drivers
    • Tweezers
    • Files


    • Spray Paint (any color for your choice)
    • Spray paint clear coat
    • Sandpapers, Gloves, Mask, and Googles



    • 3D Printer
    • Vinyl Cutter Machine (Not necessary, Just for cutting logo)
DIY Geek16 days ago
Hola. It’s working...!
DIYmechanics (author)  DIY Geek16 days ago
Haahaaa those are my friends! When I completed the project, I just shout "hola it's working"
AmalJ2122 days ago
Great project..... Is the kit available in tindie store
DIYmechanics (author)  AmalJ2122 days ago
Sure, you know it right dude..... Still the store in working process. It will available asap
AmalJ2122 days ago
Hola. It's working..
DIYmechanics (author)  AmalJ2122 days ago
Haahaaahaa. You guys are....!
Hola!.. its working..!
rahulsrajan22 days ago
Hola! It's working...!
DIYmechanics (author)  rahulsrajan22 days ago
thanks, Rahul.......! My friend