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Picture of XS/OVC3868 Configuration
Recently I found that little bluetooth audio module for a reasonable price.It was not very well documented but with a bit of patience and a lot of searching on the Internet I found a lot of cool stuff about this module.In this instructable we will learn about AT commands and how to configure on board eeprom settings without desoldering!

Step 1: Pinouts and Circuit

Picture of Pinouts and Circuit

So I found the pinouts and simple circuit for powering it up and buttons control.

Here you can find some mods for less noisy sound.

JosipM511 months ago
Hello guys,
can you advise me? I have OVC3868 and I can not play the sound from my laptop. Everything works over my phone, but not over the laptop. When I bought a cheap audio bluetooth device from Aliexpress, the sound from my laptop worked great (only functionally - the sound was shit). I think something needs to be done through the development tool, but I do not know what. Could you advise me what, please?
I hope I have written it understandably ...
Thank you
Josip Moti
SergioA1351 year ago

1.disculpa a que te refieres con desabilitar 2 y 3 bits ,,para que?

krissko (author)  SergioA1351 year ago

Making it zero as I showed in the example so I can enable/disable features. Look at the attached datasheets

how to change the pairing/unpairing music?

krissko (author)  jafariqbal0071 year ago

Sorry for the late response. The music is stored as arrays I think. So u can dive with the tool to find it.

How to connect OVC3860 to PC through Arduino? I didn't understand it.
If I understood it correctly, I need to remove ATmega/connect RESET pin to GND and connect Rx&Tx of XS3868 to the Arduino's Rx&Tx?
krissko (author)  lukastesar032 years ago

If you want to use arduino as usb to serial with the chip in you must to
connect capacitor between reset and gnd pins.Otherwise just connect rx/tx

And which voltage should i use for uart communication? 5v, 3.3v or 1.8v?

krissko (author)  lukastesar031 year ago

It's 5v tolerant

I have written a a whole, detailed instructable on this topic. Hope it helps you all.

Here it is:

My XS3868 module doesn't connect to the RevD tool. Also please repost the tool link.

krissko (author)  UtkarshVerma2 years ago

All links are working.Check your rx/tx pins try swapping them.Also your module must be turned off when connecting and opening the RevE tool

i did results....Also, I'd like to add that when I send commands to the module using Arduino with RESET pin of Arduino connected to GND. The commands do work but I don't receive any response from the module like "OK" or other responses. What might be the problem?

krissko (author)  UtkarshVerma2 years ago

Check receiving line.When I use arduino for such purpose I completely remove the chip.Can't remember if there was any response like OK, but as you said that commands works you should be on the right way!

Figured it out. I think the module, instead of responding in terms of OK, simply returns the commands sent to it. Somewhat like a loopback. That is why I think the RevE tool fails to detect the module when it's connected.

damien25242 years ago

Pin 33 and 35. what is it for, and what is the 10k for?

krissko (author)  damien25242 years ago

Look at attached pdf in step 1

kennyheng2 years ago
Lol ... i fry dis board during my test.
krissko (author)  kennyheng2 years ago

I'm sorry for your module.Be careful with pinouts and tx/rx conversation!

its ok, i going try it next time