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Picture of Wooden Trivets by the Dozen

To make one or two wooden lattice trivets you can buy flat lattice moulding at a lumberyard, cut the slats to length, sand the cut ends and glue them together. But to make a few dozen from free pallet wood for family, friends and co-workers you need to have access to some shop machines and to make some simple aids.

Shop machines needed:


Table saw

Disc sander

Electric drill with 1" rotary hole saw

Materials needed:

Pallet boards about 1-1/2" thick with all nails removed

Wood glue

Mineral oil (optional)

Scrap wood and plywood (optional)

Wire coat hangers (optional)

Slip joint pliers (optional)

Paint brush (optional)

Plastic bag and corrugated cardboard or newspapers (optional)

Step 1: Preparing the Slats

Picture of Preparing the Slats

My trivets are 8" x 8" with the individual slats being 8" x 1-1/4" x 1/4" so any dimension references will be to my trivets. Adjust to the wood you have, as needed.

Plane the boards so both sides are smooth and the final thickness is 1-1/4". On the table saw, remove the rough edge from one side of the planed boards. Set the fence so the slats you cut are just over 1/4" thick. I can get eight long slat pieces per board. Each of the pieces ripped on the saw will later be cut into 8" slats.

Set the planer to about 1/4" and run all the long pieces from the table saw through to clean up one side. The smooth side will be to the outside (top and bottom) and the rougher, sawed sides will be the inside glue surfaces.

Back on the table saw, cut the long slats into 8" pieces. Save the short leftover pieces. You may come up with something to use those for.

Using a disk sander smooth the cut ends of the slats. On each end of the slat I gently touch each of the 4 edges to the rotating disk at a 45 degree angle. Using sandpaper, I give each of the four 8" edges a quick rub to remove any rough edges. The slats are ready to assemble.