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Picture of Woodburned Castle Panic Pallet Game Board

My son's favorite board game is Castle Panic. Everyone works together to defend their castle from invading monsters. We've played it so often that the board split in two. I decided to make him a new game board -- something rustic and big that would fit right in with the theme of the game and add to the experience.

Things I used for this project include:

1 pallet

Circular saw or jigsaw


Wood glue


Hand planer

Orbital sander

Pencil, paper, compass, straight edge

Wood burner

Acrylic paints & a foam brush

Beeswax & mineral oil wood finish

Step 1: Break Down the Pallet

Picture of Break Down the Pallet
With drawing.jpg

There are lots of ways to break down a pallet. This might be the simplest. I cut the wood with a jigsaw (a circular saw would also work great) just outside the nails and wooden support pieces. No need to deal with glue or actually removing the nails. This gave me planks about 18" or 47cm long.

This is great! I think yours looks better than the original :)
mkhutchins (author)  Penolopy Bulnick8 months ago