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Picture of Wonderland

This is a little instructable referring to the (halloween) costume “Wonderland”. Most parts of it are 3D-printed: The chains, as well as the top and the hat - and more. Actually, there is not really much to "instruct" as I designed everything with connection bolts so that it is like a puzzle.

But of course, I will instruct you the puzzle as best as possible :)

In the prictures you see the finished costume, also with som EL Wire play. The 3D-files are available as an stl-file with each step.

How to print: You can choose your level of detail by yourself. I would recommend 200 micron, as speed will be okay and quality too. The best thing: EVERY object is designed to be printed without support or raft or any additional special setting! Just slice and print!

How to assemble: Use the example pictures and the description provided with each step to figure out how to assemble it. The example pics will also give you a brief overview of how I coloured the objects. Nevertheless, I will mostly leave this to you as this is your creative part :) The costume will be more like a white canvas for you after the prints. The real DIY part comes with the fun: The colouring!

I will also provide some good quality pictures here so you can see how some parts function together. Have fun printing, plugging, gluing and - primarily - painting! Oh, and there are some EL Wire/LED possibilities - for example in the hollow torus in the cylinder or just with the edges. See the pics :)

Step 1: The hat

Picture of The hat

In the first picture you see the hat when finished. Before that, you of course need to print the 8 parts of it.

You can see a preview in the second picture. This picture also shows the files from 01 to 08 left to right.

IMPORTANT! Read before printing:

As this some kind of a clothing part, it need to individually fit to your head. Before printing the stovepipe-hat-parts, you therefore need to adjust the size. Before you can do that, you need to measure your head. If you do not have some kind of a special head form, it should be enough to measure the extent of your head. Do that about 9 centimetres below the top of your head (as this is the initial inner head-height of the stovepipe-head). This hat initially is designed for heads with 69 cm (27,17 inch) extent – which actually quite big (L/XL in EU size). You have to calculate how much bigger or smaller your head extent is in percent:

To do this, take your head extent and multiply it with 100. Then divide the result by 69 (when your extent is measured in centimetre or by 27,17 when your extent is measured in inch). The result is the percentage you need to scale your model in your desired slicer-program to make it fit to your head. IMPORTANT: Make sure to apply this calculated scale on EVERY OBJECT in the Hat-chapter.

After you printed every part, you have to glue them together (do not do it yet!). In the third picture, you can see the correct order. Decide, which side of the hat should be in the front when you wear it. Usually this is the brim of the hat folded upwards (wonderland-writing). If you have made your decision, glue the front half together (4 parts, forming a half cylinder then). Then glue the back half SEPERATLY! You then have to exact halves of your cylinder. Before gluing them together, get the cord you want to fix the hat to your head with. It should be two parts. We also recommend an additional rubber. Then pinch each cord (rubber included) in between the two cylinder-halves just by plugging them onto one another with the cord in between. The best will be to clamp the cord with the bolts. Again: DO NOT GLUE THEM YET!

You now have your hat with your cords clamped in so that the front you desire is in the front. Try the hat and test the correct placement of your cords. Be careful so that the two halves do not fall off. When done, glue the two halves together with the cords in between at the particular position. Make sure not to spare with Glue when gluing the cords. For best stability, glue the cords where the bolts snap. Pulling the cord out will then nearly be impossible.

Notice: For the hat to fit best (for example if it was scaled too big), use foam to even irregularities.

stechi2 years ago

Wow, you have done a fantastic amount of work on this!! Well done!

Quintessenz (author)  stechi2 years ago

Thank you. Yeah, it took quite a lot of hours, with pretty much desperation but satisfaction in the end ^^

tomatoskins2 years ago

Wonderful costume!

Quintessenz (author)  tomatoskins2 years ago

Yeah then now it is called Wonderland for a reason :-)

buirv2 years ago

Pretty Nizce look'n work :-)

Quintessenz (author)  buirv2 years ago

Thank you :-)