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Picture of Whistling with Two Hands (Birdcall)
A simple HowTo for whistling with two hands, or "birdcalling" as some people call it. This trick takes practice and takes a while of getting used to. Many people fail and give up but the true "Brotherhood" does not.

(The Brotherhood was the origin of this, they started it and passed it down to many, you can trace your Brother line on the last step)

Step 1: Layout

Picture of Layout
This step is simple (In fact mostly all of them are, but you get it). Lay your hands out flat, like in the pic. This step helps the overall performance, your palm should be inlet to a bowl-like shape. Keep your fingers and thumb straight.
lindy9 years ago
where and how exactly do you blow? i can't make any noise.
Siddy1 lindy2 years ago

You don't blow in the whole between your thumbs, your bottom lips go below your knuckles and top lip goes on top. If it is still not working, make sure that no air except the hole in your fingers blow out.

JamesHawke (author)  lindy9 years ago
blow threw the formation of thumb
ccharles35 years ago
I am right handed my friends keep making fun of me because I don't know how to do it and how do you blow