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Picture of Virtual Reality Kinetoscope Parlor

This instructable is part of the Instructables Build Night with Dodocase at the Taipei Hackerspace.

Ever wanted to have your own kinetoscope parlor? Now with the help of a Dodocase VR / Google Cardboard VR kit you can! You can use it to amuse your friends, for parties, take it to the county fair, or decorate your hackerspace!


  • One Dodocase VR kit, assembled + smartphone
  • One large box
  • Scissors / cardboard knife
  • Tape
  • Marker pen

Step 1: Preparing the main box

Picture of Preparing the main box

Find a big enough box to house your viewer. I've used the box our kits came for the Instructables build night. Stand it up, and on one of the edges place the viewer on the box, mark the width of the viewer. Should fit quite tight.

Cut the box in there, about 2cm or so, and make a whole on the two sides. Insert the viewer to test the tightness and whether you can still move the button on the side (if it's too deep hole, the button will stuck).

If the phone you are using is wider than the case, you'll have to take some additional steps:

The top and bottom end of the hole make some notches, a bit wider than your phone. Place the viewer's back plane into the hole, and slide in the phone from the top through the notches. If things worked well, it'll stay very well. Now you can close up the viewer and have everything in place.

MakerMan2342 years ago


Soooooo cooool
Soooooo cooool
Soooooo cooool
Soooooo cooool

This is great! What a terrific idea!

Thank you :D

That's so awesome, I love the idea of taking a old concept and completely re doing it for the modern era! I love your decorations, we'll have to see how much money you get! Thanks for sharing!

Yes, we found that people really love mixing old and new, classic and modern (though it's probably mostly our middle-aged hackerspace members who do that:). Lot of project opportunities there.

HarpoMaster4 years ago

That's so cool! I wish I had the time to make it.

taipeihackerspace (author)  HarpoMaster4 years ago

Thanks! It's really quick to build, probably takes more time to find what to show in the viewer, than the actual physical assembly.

very cool, though i dont exactlyunderstand what this is.