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Picture of Viking Helmet EVA Foam

The idea for making this was to both make a toy helmet for my 3 year old nephew and to also have a go at making cosplay-ish armour out of eva foam. As well as getting used to foam-crafting and painting.

Step 1: Prep Work

Picture of Prep Work

First off to make pattern. I drew it to scale digitally, then printed it out over a few sheets of A4 while making sure to tell the printer to print the pattern at full scale.

Its important to put guide marks to help the surfaces meet each other while your gluing, the best way is to make little notches in the patten so when making it onto the foam you can use the marker up the notch so its on the inside of the shape, that way when you cut the shape out it wont be cut away too. Think about the surfaces that meet then do notches on the halfway points, then quarter points if you can. Make sure all the points are accurate.

The pattern was way too big but i simply reduced the foam while trying to keep the form later on.

Then to simply find a few sheets of cheap eva foam online.

can you make a pdf for the template?

Blu-Ink (author)  Darrens_Workshop2 years ago

its based off a pattern by a guy called evil ted.

Hey, this pattern looks like the one evil ted sells. Worked a few times with it.

Blu-Ink (author)  Beatrice-von-b2 years ago

yes thats the guy. he made this helmet with adam savage on tested and i just freehanded something similar and just adjusted it as i was putting it togther.

4DIYers2 years ago

Holy is that ever realistic, amazing work!

Blu-Ink (author)  4DIYers2 years ago

Thank you very much :D

Cool. How did you make your pattern? Do you mind sharing the pattern?
Blu-Ink (author)  morgan.nyberg2 years ago

the patten i drew from another helmet ive seen, its really not perfect because i drew out the shapes as a rough guide. so i cant really give you anything that would be accurate.

jford162 years ago
Great work!
Blu-Ink (author)  jford162 years ago

Thank you :)

kylegilbert2 years ago
Looks great! Be careful though - you're going to get hooked!
Blu-Ink (author)  kylegilbert2 years ago

I wouldnt mind that too much :P

This looks wonderful! Love the horns and I love the crack!

Blu-Ink (author)  Modern Rustic Workshop2 years ago

Thank you very much :)