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Picture of Victorian Vampire Costume

This costume is comprised of individual components that took me nearly two months to create.

I have added basic instructions on how to create each piece but have also included the full Instructable and/or Youtube video where I can

Step 1: Create the bustle skirt

Picture of Create the bustle skirt

What you need:


Needle and thread

Sewing machine





The bustle skirt can be made from any fabric.

I used an old curtain because it was a nice thick fabric, a fabulous colour and also had some hems already in it.

Begin with the back. Place a hem in the top and thread some ribbon through it.

Then gather and pin the back and hand tack each pin to create a beautiful pattern and drape.

Then for the front, do a hem, a similar gather and pin, only making it shorter.

And then thread the front through the ribbon, pin and hem both of the sides together.

Using a ribbon means you don't need a zipper.

And last for the bustle, get an old pair of stockings and tie off the legs.

Add stuffing to the butt part.

Hem one final piece of smaller fabric and pin again to cover the stuffed stocking and sit at the top of the back part of the skirt.

For full comprehensive details, you can look at the full instructable here:

Alternatively my full Youtube video

Sofia_Joy1 year ago

This is so cute and amazing for halloween!

Swansong1 year ago

I love the bird skull on the top hat! That's really cute :)

Lady_Eglantine (author)  Swansong1 year ago
Thank you so much! I thought that it added a lovely touch!
larry030521 year ago

It's a lovely costume, but be careful you don't get the English upset with your "cultural appropriation". Of course, technically, we're ALL guilty of appropriating English culture, but then, so are the Australians, so at least we have company in our shame. ;)