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Picture of Using a computer without a hard drive.
You have have seen in an earlier instructable where we set up a working network without a single hard drive. ( ) I would like to give you some other choices  to allow you to use a computer without a hard drive. Although the listing might be out of date is a good place to start to see what is available. / is another good place to find linux distros.

Remember try these at your own risk. They are just suggestions for few of many choices. Caveat emptor.

Step 1: Byzantium Ad-hoc wireless mesh networking .

Picture of Byzantium Ad-hoc wireless mesh networking .

The goal of Project Byzantium is to develop a communication system by which users can connect to each other and share information in the absence of convenient access to the Internet.  This is done by setting up an ad-hoc wireless mesh network that offers services which replace popular websites often used for this purpose, such as Twitter and IRC.

These services and web apps were selected because they are the ones most often used by activists around the world to find one another, exchange information, post media, and organize.  They were also selected because they stand the best chance of being easy to use by our intended userbase, which are people using mobile devices like smartphones, MP3 players, and tablet PCs.

Unlike most mesh implementations, a Byzantium Mesh requires no specialized equipment that may not be easy to get during an emergency, just an x86 computer with at least one 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless interface.  It will run on just about any x86 computer, including later generation Macbooks.

hellfire0032 years ago

Hi, are you familiar with NXD diskless system? does it work the same? because Im planning to implement a diskless system with our small internet cafe also with esports games.

The URL you have listed for XBMC is detected as a malicious website. My antivirus, AVAST, gives this info:
"Infection Details
Process: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexpl...
Infection: URL:Mal "

Please check it out.
Computothought (author)  WV_Kokamo_Joe6 years ago
Screenshot of the download page as it looks now. Good site for information:
Screenshot from 2013-01-02 17:22:51.png
Computothought (author)  WV_Kokamo_Joe6 years ago
Sounds loke a DNS problem which is out of my control/ if you search for xmbc from google it does take you to the real When I used to run mswindows, I saw where a false positive was given for a virus may times. When I went to, the page was some hosting site that pretended to be The real should not be infected.