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Picture of Use the LoRa Kit to build your own IoT network

What is Dragino LoRa Kit?

Dragino Lora IoT Kit is designed to facilitate beginners and developers to quickly learn LoRa and IoT technology. It help users to turn the idea into a practical application and make the Internet of Things a reality. It is easy to program, create and connect your things everywhere. A number of telecom operators are currently rolling out networks, but because LoRa operates in the open spectrum you can also set up your own network. The LoRa IoT kit will show how to build LoRa network, and how to use the network to send data from a LoRa sensor node to the cloud server. When used as a private LoRa network, the LoRa gateway will connect your other LoRa nodes up to 5km however expect up to 15km range (when in line of sight) when connecting your LoRa node to a LoRa gateway!

Step 1: A brief introduction of LoRa Kit

MaXlOrA555 months ago
Hi, I'm working on a very similar project using Draguino LG01-P. My application is to measure flow and levels of water in a project model of a river. For level indication, I'm using Ultrasonic sensors, so can you guide me through programing of end node consisting Arduino, LoRa shield and Ultrasonic sensor? I'm using The Things Speaks.
fikretyanik2 years ago

Hello, is it possible to use more than one temprature and other kind of sensor together with LoRa shield? And how many sensor can be connected to it at the same time?