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Picture of Under the skirt of a Hula Popper.
Purchasing fishing lures is expensive. Especially if you don't know how to properly use and work that specific lure. This instructable walks you through different aspects of a hula popper. It shows you how to work a hula popper, and how to navigate lily pads and debris with your hula popper. 

Step 1: The Hula Popper: How it works.

Picture of The Hula Popper: How it works.
The hula popper has to be worked correctly for the best results. It is an extremely versatile lure in that it is designed to work around cover in the water. For this to be done correctly you need to get the right size of hula popper. When you are looking at hula poppers in a store you will see a couple different sizes and colors. In my personal opinion you should choose the hula popper  with a 2 pronged hook that gets buried in the skirt. This is extremely important because it helps your lure become weedless. You have to install the hook yourself which I will show you here. If the embedded video does not work please click the link
joesmith423 years ago

Stop playing games with your fishing inofrmation. It really is annoying to offer something for free and then force someone to signup to get spammed!

trainer66 (author) 9 years ago
They work amazing to catch bass with. The best part is when they shootout of the water after the lure, or fighting to try and get off the hook.
meddler9 years ago
When we went Bass fishing where I grew up. My Dad gave each of us a HulaPopper and said this was the only bait we needed to catch Bass. He wasright, we always got hits.