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Picture of Truck Canopy / Topper
I wanted an inexpensive truck topper for my 1960 F100. It is a full size truck and a bit rough around the edges so I didn’t need anything shiny and fancy. I want to be able to keep cargo dry as we enter the Pacific Northwest rainy season and open up the option to sleep in the back from time to time. I wanted it to be light enough that it was easy to load / install by myself.

Materials List

3 sheets 1/8” maple plywood (door skin veneers) approx $25 each
2 sheets 1/2” plywood approx $30 each
40’ fibreglass tape and resin. Approx $100
1 gallon bedliner approx $100
4 c clamps

Step 1: Cut the ends

Picture of Cut the ends
I used 1/2” exterior grade plywood for the ends. Measure the width of your truck and then determine the height you want your canopy to be. I wanted to have 1 piece sides and roof so I cut a radius into the roof corners that will have plywood bent around to transition the wall to roof.

I cut one end then set it on the truck to see if it was what I wanted.

I cut both ends the same. Don’t cut the door out yet.
Manbae made it!6 months ago
nice, it's really helped me, thank's

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Beagles8 months ago
Good job on yours!
I made one of those, about thirty years back, for my Lil red. I made a welded frame from 3/4" conduits and covered it with 1/4" plywood, then again with corrugated pre-finished steel panelling used to enclose above ground pools.The top corners are bent tiles made from 18 ga. steel and painted. Still using it today, and has hauled lots of stuff.
lil redex #4.jpg
Looks great! Just the type of topper I've been wanting to build for my old truck. I'll be starting one probably in January now that I have your excellent design to go by, along with the extra tips you added about wider bottom rails and the like. Think I'll do the skylight version as well. You didn't mention how you attached it to your truck, but I assume you just drilled holes and bolted it up? I have some left over clamps that were made specifically for attaching a topper to a truck, so I'll be trying those first on mine. Good looking old truck you have there! A great big THANK YOU for sharing!
I would think that traditional topper clamps would work with this. Even 4 C-clamps would probably hold it fine without drilling holes in either the topper or the bed.
midbay10 months ago
For the top center section you could also use translucent corplast (you could use this in place of the 1/8" door skins and skip the bedliner coating)
Murcom (author)  midbay10 months ago
That's a great idea! 1/8' flat acrylic skylight!
wasanah210 months ago
This is a great instructable! I suppose if you framed in a reclaimed RV window in the back, you could even put in a window if you wanted to...or a pass thru window that goes to the cab. Well written and illustrated!
Murcom (author)  wasanah210 months ago
You certainly could! I want to be able to sleep in the back on the sly from time to time so I went for a windowless model. To add a window in the back 1/2” plywood is no issue but for the sides I would reinforce with fibreglass or 1x4 material.
Love it. Very practical. Nice design.
EcoExpatMike10 months ago
I really like your clever way to line up the hinges and fasteners.

This build reminds me of some small boat 'ibles i've seen.
Murcom (author)  EcoExpatMike10 months ago
Thanks! I have struggled to line up hinges in the past so the idea came to me as I was making the first cut. I also tried out some hinge drill bits I had purchased off Amazon to Centre the holes... they worked fantastic and I would recommend them.

Yes ive built a small boats using stitch and glue and a couple cedar strip kayaks.
Great project for camping