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Picture of Trailer Bed

This is a project that I never really intended, but the trailer I bought to haul leaves and gravel turned out to need more work than I thought - so here is the project

Step 1: The Starting Point

Picture of The Starting Point

I purchased a trailer that had been made from the back half of a pickup off craigslist for $100. It was a 3/4 ton chassis with a bed that I thought was good. Unfortunately the bedliner was covering the fact that the bed was completely rotted to pieces. Luckily, aside from a bad hub bearing the frame was in excellent shape and the tongue conversion was very well done.

Dumbphone1 month ago
What an excellent job on the trailer overhaul. Well done on the new bed and sides.
phillipnolan8 months ago
nice and simple - and it works for you.
Lorddrake8 months ago
Nice work. It looks like a very solid trailer.