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Picture of Toy Green Army Man Halloween Costume

If you were once a kid like me, then you probably played with little plastic green army men.  They were one of my favorite cheap toys from childhood.  And if you have kids like me, then you are familiar with the movie Toy Story.  My favorite Toy Story character is not Buzz or Woody, but the little green men hopping around yelling 'hutt, hutt, hutt'.  When the annual halloween party that my family attends went with a Disney/Pixar theme, I knew I had to BE a toy green army man.

With the right clothes this is actually an easy outfit to make, is inexpensive, very original, and will be a hit at your costume party.

Materials you need:
Jacket - I used an Army BDU from Ebay.  Or try an Army Surplus
Pants - Army pants or any cargo pants that have leg pockets
Utility Belt - Another Ebay or Army Surplus purchase
Panty Hose/stockings
Toy Gun
Plywood scrap
Primer - aeresol
Green Paint - About 12 aeresol cans

Step 1: Select Your Green

Picture of Select Your Green
When I began this project, I picked the cheapest, most readily available green spray paint I could find.  They were around one dollar per can and I used about a dozen.  You will also need primer.  The clothes just soak up the paint without it.

Next, I purchased several versions of green halloween facepaint to try to match the spray paint.  I was not happy with the results and went another direction (pantyhose).  More on that in step 5.
DarrylB73 years ago

How did you drink/eat with the pantyhose over your face? did you have to lift it every time and just bring it down when it was time to post for pictures?

jackklauber4 years ago

In total, how much do you think you spent on the costume? Also, how fast does the paint/primer dry? I have to make a costume for tomorrow...

Wait did u go to sleeper state park with these? I saw a set if three that looked exactly like this!?!
JT3OSU (author)  TheMrCOOLguy25 years ago
Wasn't me. I have seen a lot more green army men pop up the past few years after I posted my Instructable.
sconner15 years ago
I think stiffness of the clothes will help the look of a plastic figure.
aceface12006 years ago
Do you have to put on the primer? Couldn't you just put on the green spray paint. Or grab a bucket of paint and brush and start painting it? Cause I'm getting ready for Halloween already and this year I have to make it!
JT3OSU (author)  aceface12005 years ago
Sorry for the late reply. I recommend the primer. If you just use spray paint it soaks into the clothes and you don't get the right effect. And it takes a lot more paint.
Good luck on your costume. Come back and post a picture if you make it.
IronSheik6 years ago
I did this costume this year, turned out great, helmet is not pictured.

I decided to use costume makeup on my face/hair, and I just spray painted my hands
The only down side to this is that painting over, or removing, the brightly colored tip on a toy gun violates Federal Laws.
I love the costume, I have a son at college who still ask me to make cotumes. He would be suspended for bringing even a toy gun to college.
you could make the minesweeper guy, put a frisbee on the end of a broomstick and wrap with some wire. paint it green and put on a backpack.
Minesweeper FTW! great idea
Yeah, the nation wide ban on guns on campuses is a bit useless. If people (as long as they can legally own it) were allowed to have a firearm on school grounds it would be a deterrent for homicidal maniacs. When someone wants to inflicts massive amounts of damage with a firearm they go places where no one can fight back, i.e. where almost no one can even have a firearm, such as schools. Oh well, this is only my opinion.
I totally agree with your thinking about carrying firearms at public places. I might even push for making it  legal on airlines. It will make Al Queda operatives think twice before trying to hijack a plane!
Ha-ha! Very much so! It might sound "scary" to someone who has no idea what responsible firearm ownership means, but it's nice to hear someone else who is like minded!
I am not opposed to guns especially since we had someone break in and kill out dog some years back. Yet I can for see people perhaps getting killed accidentally because " I thought they were an intruder". I am sitting on the fence. On the flip side I did make my son a cool jack in the box costume he is a resturant spoke person but not well known outside of st louis area.
thanks for sharing your great costume, Someday I might try it on a small scale grandchild when i have them.
he could be the mdic or may bye the guy with binoculars
Very true! You could make a backpack sized fake field radio, or even a piece of PVC pipe to look like a "Bazooka".
Yeah, cuz that stops the gang bangers from putting ORANGE/RED tips on their REAL guns in LA.

Dumbest law on the planet.

This is an awesome '-able, with the GREEN gun and all...
No, the reason that this law was enacted was because toy guns have the ability to look quite real with out these brightly colored tips, and this has caused people to become injured and even killed. I agree that people should not be so stupid that they point a toy gun at someone who they do not know or that has a real firearm (i.e. a police officer), but this is still a Federal Law we are dealing with. If laws are seen as unfair then there is a procedure that is to be gone about to have them changed, not just blatantly break them.
Oh, I know why the liberal left enacted these laws, the fact is, they are now being used against the police and others, by real criminals, who paint them on their REAL WEAPONS. The police then do NOT react, seeing the bright orange/red tips on these weapons, and are then surprised by a hail of real gunfire.

Great Law... no one would EVER suspect that....

Stupidity knows no limits...
I agree that these laws we're enacted as a political move, and with out regard to the police officers.
There is no law requiring orang tips on toy guns. Manufacturers do it on their own to limit their liability.
Oh, and people can be quite stupid. Someone does something stupid, they get hurt, then hire a lawyer, sue someone, then a politician makes a law about it.
More likely the storm trooper cop shot the kid 'off the cuff' and then lied saying that he pointed the EFFING TOY GUN at him.
Too many cops do harm and get away with it.
That was just one example, feel free to research this further, it's an old law, from when toy guns were still made with metal.
Anything you say your Fishness.
Ha-ha! That's a new one.
Right... cuz you never speed....
Aww, man. I'll go as the dude with binoculars and the utility belt I guess.
AcoAco7 years ago
TWO MAJOR FAILS: 1. skin showning on neck, pull pantie hose down a little and 2. the tip of the gun should be orange because if it isnt, then you are breaking the law and scarring neighboors into thinking its a real gun
JT3OSU (author) 7 years ago
I wanted to share an update with all the green army troopers out there. You can find my green army costume on USA Today online in the Pop Candy blog.

Thanks for posting my picture, Whitney!
SammyG8527 years ago
I followed your instructions and it paid off! Won a costume contest at a bar. Cash prize of $1000. Everyone loved it, so thanks so much for the instructions! I took pictures along the way too, and when I get some time, I'll upload the entire process as well.
Just an update, but I won my second costume contest in 3 days. On Halloween night I went out and won a $300 costume contest. I can't tell you how much attention I got all weekend. Great job on the instructions!
JT3OSU (author)  SammyG8527 years ago
Wow! I thought I was doing good for winning $100 at a work contest. Great job and great pose.
lcanestrare7 years ago
First let me thank you for the amazing instructions...costume is underway and so far so good. I just have one question though. The host of the Halloween party we are going to is a bit OCD about the cleanliness of his house and I just want to make sure the paint on your clothes didn't leave any residue behind. Thanks again!
JT3OSU (author)  lcanestrare7 years ago
To be honest, yes the costume shed a little dry green paint 'dandruff'. Not a lot, however.
lbonita7 years ago
what did you use to do this?? I have an original soldier uniform but I dont know how to do this, I am not familiar with the word it paint or what is it??
JT3OSU (author)  lbonita7 years ago
Prime is just a base coat of a special type of paint (primer) that covers better than normal paint. You can buy spray primer the same place you buy spray paint. If you don't use the primer first, then the color paint will just soak into the clothes.
Sketch987 years ago
You could wear a morphsuit
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