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MMMMMMM maps. If I could marry one, I would. This is my interpretation of a topographic map. It's built up from strips of reclaimed pallet wood glued up into sticks 5 layers thick. Each of these sticks is 1" wide and follows the topographic profile of the state of Vermont at each 1" section. I have to be honest with you though, I call it a pallet wood map, but really it's 90% wood glue, 10% pallet wood, and 100% reason to remember my name.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


– Pallet wood

– Wood glue

– Epoxy resin

– Varnish


– Bluetooth hearing protection

– Metal detector

– Pneumatic Denailer

– Nail puller

– Glue mats

– Glue roller bottle

– X-Carve CNC

– 1/8″ End Mill

– 1/4″ Carbide End Mill

– Spindle sander

– Epoxy syringe

– Sanding sponge

– Keyhole router bit

– Mini disk sander

Kink Jarfold2 months ago
As usual, totally entertaining.
Love the intro.Jackmen loves his pallets.
rbothe3 months ago
I voted for this project before I knew about the video. I now wish I could cast even more votes. Watching this video was surprisingly relaxing and funny. I know nothing about woodworking but I can tell you are a master craftsman.
Kanefire3 months ago
Professional woodworker... amateur video producer... nice!
and holy mother of... that was a lot of work (especially the cnc)
but dayum that's nice!
ahunni3 months ago
Not only did I learn stuff you are a funny MF. you kept me entertained
jpmarth3 months ago
While very time consuming, that’s something fantastic to have made! Clever idea! You have me thinking about an idea for my home state of WA and I could use a skill saw to do it. Love the finished product. Bravo!
wordsnwood3 months ago
Eventually it will come out that this guy is really a secret front for the wood glue industry. Or the pallet industry. Maybe both...
audreyobscura3 months ago
Amazing work, as ever! You're really upping your glamour shots game too!