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Picture of Top 10 Money Saving Auto Repair Tips

Video tutorial on my top 10 repairs or maintenance work that you can do yourself to save money. This list will be from the easier repairs to slightly more complicated repairs, all can be done with minimal tools, limited experience, and with minimal risk of damage. When I worked at a dealership, I would see some of these repairs requested by customers that I’m about to mention.

Step 1: Repair #1

Picture of Repair #1

Changing your wiper blades or wiper refills. Simply match up your existing wipers or have a parts store search the correct size, remove and then install the new wipers. Some vehicles may take a specific style of wipe blade which is a dealer item only, while others use a generic style blade. Refills can also be purchase that need to be cut to size and are significantly cheaper than purchasing a full wiper blade assembly. Typically for a wipe blade replacement, no tools are required. If it’s a refill replacement, then pliers and a knife is needed.

Kafukai1 year ago

What about replacing the spark plugs? it is so easy :)

4DIYers (author)  Kafukai1 year ago

That is a great one too! Although not all vehicles are the same, some spark plugs can only be accessed by putting the vehicle on a hoist. The one 4cyl Ford Ranger I did, it was quite a nightmare trying to access the other 4 plugs on the intake side (8 spark plugs in total, 2 per cylinder).