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Picture of Toolless Jeep TJ Sway Bar Quick Disconnects

Want easy to use well made sway bar quick disconnects for under $50? Good youre in the right place. These disconnects work the same as those offered by Steinjager. We will re-use the upper ball joint and connecting rod of the sway bar end link. The factory upper joint of the end link will not allow the end link to be folded flat against the sway bar, however with both end links disconnected we can rotate the sway bar up and use zip ties to hold the sway bar and end links out of harms way. I have included links to the required hardware in the list below.

You will need:

1. Ball joint removal tool

2. 1/2" washers - your favorite local hardware store or McMaster

3. one pack of 1/2"-20 stainless jam nuts (i used stainless to avoid rust)

4. x2 1/2"-20 quick install ball joints

5. 1/2"-20 one inch hex right hand threaded die. (local tool supplier, hardware, etc)

*this dies is on McMaster but they only carry a really nice one that is a little pricey. I bought one locally for $6

6. An angle grinder and cutting disk, or a hack saw.
7. 18mm socket

8. 15mm socket

9. T55 star bit

10. ratchet

11. breaker bar and wd40 or an impact wrench are recommended

Step 1: Remove Bottom End Link Bolt

Picture of Remove Bottom End Link Bolt

Remove this bolt using a T55 star bit and an 18mm wrench. You will likely want to use some wd40 and a breaker bar or impact wrench to break the nut loose.

tytower5 months ago
Looks like the Steinjager you is a more substantial unit ? For $60

or the original is only $20..Maybe i have this wrong?
tytower5 months ago
Haven't seen one before . How does the quick disconnect work?
No mind I see now the spring holds a cover over the join .
randofo5 months ago
Cool. Thanks for sharing.