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Picture of Tip Top Paper Game

In this session, I am going to show you how to make a tip top paper game. Anyone who is interested in learning how to make this game is welcome here. Mostly everyone has played this game in their childhood. There are no set rules to this game. Different people come up with their own rules and ways of playing it. I assume my audience knows how to play this game. So, I will not be explaining the rules, rather just how to build one.

Materials required: A medium-sized, square piece of paper; pencil. See Fig. (c).

Step 1: Getting started

Picture of Getting started

Take out a square, medium-sized paper. I am going to use a plain white sheet of paper. You can use printed/colored paper if you prefer. I would recommend to start with a larger piece of paper.

If your paper is rectangle in shape, then cut it into a square.

See Fig. 1(a).

IshanaSh (author) 5 years ago

True that!

This simple form has been the genesis of so many interesting little pastimes...