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Update 9/8/18: Uploaded new video with walk around of tiny car

Update 8/8/18: Added 2 pictures to the intro section with the car finally outside on a nice summer day. This two pictures are of the car completely done with all DOT required items installed.

Update 7/12/18: Added 24 pictures to Step 19 - Windshield & Hand-driven Wiper Section.

Update 7/10/18: 9 new pictures added to the first section showing the car's finish. 2 pictures added to the electronics section. Pictures with the glass mounted added and finished. Wipers still need to be installed to the windshield after the finish cures.

A small panel cover needs to be built and then installed in order to cover exposed misc. wiring for turn signals, tail lights, and horn. Gas tank cover needs to be painted. (Both of these are more for aesthetic purposes.) Filling out application step one for inspection from the DMV. Will take paperwork, receipts, car, etc. in after wipers have been mounted.

Update 7/6/18: There is a funky error with some pictures turning upside down for some reason, however when you zoom in the picture is in the correct orientation. Thought I had it fixed but is bad for some reason.

Update 7/5/18: Updated some pictures today. Its still been very rainy however the body has been sealed. I will upload some pictures over the next few days showing some finish work. Pictures added to Step 1, 3, 20, 22.

The purpose of this instructable is to document the process used for making a tiny vehicle and to also acknowledge the Jr. High Students in Omaha, Nebraska that put forth tremendous effort to getting this project realized. This instructable is basically a scaled woodworking project combined with aspects of automotive mechanics, engine / mechanical work, welding, and modification. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. The gentleman who currently holds the Guinness World Record for the Smallest roadworthy car is Austin Coulson; with a car of 25" inches wide x 25.75" inches tall x 49.75" inches long. As soon as this project is done, it will be submitted accordingly before the end of summer school.

FYI: I am not an artisan woodworker. I would probably place this project somewhere between beginner and intermediate with a lot of steps and it is much larger in size. It's a long process, but nothing that requires someone to be an expert. Just dedication, time, and acknowledgement the danger of tools and common sense on being safe. Do research and of course practice techniques in order to improve. With that being said, enjoy!

Step 1: Metal Work Part 1: Cutting Rear Axles and Starting to Weld Them Back.

I debated on whether to enter this instructable into the "make it move" or the "woodworking" contests. While this instructable is a large amount of woodworking, the concept of making a car does not have to be wood work. Especially since the body can be made out of whatever you want. The concepts are the same. I did want to thorough about what needs to be done so hopefully I included enough information for someone else to do something similar or to build a similar project.

Tools needed:

Grinder with cut off wheel

Chop saw with metal cutting wheel

Metal hose clamp used on car hoses (can get from Autozone or other car parts store). This needs to be able to fit the diameter of your axle

Measuring tape



Welders Mask

Part 1: Cutting down the rear axles This is how to take a donor ATV or go kart and modify it by cutting down the axles.

sjwevents3 months ago
Love this. Great job!
JoseA1241 year ago
great job, thank you for sharing...
Kid Hero (author)  JoseA1241 year ago

I appreciate it. I will let my students know.

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Love the car. The pdf file does not download

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Kid Hero (author)  Murtu011 year ago

Which pdf did you try to download? The main instructable pdf or the DMV applications?

Good luck with Guinness!


Kid Hero (author)  Kink Jarfold1 year ago

Thank you. I will give you an update as I progress.

Does anyone know why my contest entry isn't showing up? I entered 3 hours ago and it's still not showing on teh contest page!?