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We all love musical clocks. The sound make us dream an its a good feeling to wind it up and let it play some nice sounds.

There is a website with a lot of these mechanical wonders that let me dream.

But musical clocks are expensive and not very flexible. If you do not need the tune anymore you have to exchange the whole clockwork.

Do you like to build your own? A musical clock where you can exchange the tune at any time?


OK, than follow me around the corner. There is the entrance to my workshop....

Lets build such a clock together.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

What do you need?

The player is the heart of the whole musical clock. I recommend this player type because it has some special features:

  • On Board mono amp up to 3W (depends on the power source)
  • Memory function for the last track
  • Memory function for the amplitude
  • Works from 3V to 5V

You will find it here: KLICK

Search around a bit sometimes you can fin 5 pieces for around 6 Dollars

With some few modifications it is perfect for this project.

Back from the shopping tour?

Then lets start...

I love the finish and fittings that you used. My daughter would love to have something like this as treasure box.
Junophor7 months ago
Hello Horatius Steam, dear friend!
This is a really great idea and perfectly done. I love this Style and there are a lot of short tunes raising up in my mind worth to be played in this way.
Keep your great work up!

Yours Aeon Junophor
Kink Jarfold7 months ago
Your finished project is beautiful! --Kink--
paulina_u7 months ago
Can you please post a link for the metal speaker cover?
Horatius.Steam (author)  paulina_u7 months ago
I found this on eBay Germany:

I hope this will help.

Kind regards,