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Picture of The Dragon - Halloween 2018

October 30th, 11:55pm. The house was silent besides my father snoring loudly in the room next door and my dog breathing quietly besides me. I lay awake in my bed, my eyes closed but my brain circling continuously as it had been for the past fifty five minutes. I couldn't sleep. How coud anyone sleep with Halloween in five minutes? In five minutes it would be the one day I had been waiting twelve months to arrive. Twelve months of deep thinking, of in depth sketching, of analytic research and of material construction. Twelve months of costume mayhem. Twelve months that would be over in less than five minutes. Just like any child the night of Christmas Eve, I lay restlessly, trying to count flying witches instead of sheep.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, partly because if its proximity with my birthday. However, my true creative passion for this holiday did not start until the end of middle school. For the past 5 years, I have found myself diving deeper and deeper into the realm of what Halloween truly can be. Since 8th grade, I have passionately committed myself to this holiday, creating completely homemade costumes that try and top the previous costume, year after year.

As the Halloweens went on, I began to acquire a fanbase of supporters both in and outside of school, all of which expressed their eagerness to see my halloween costume each year. As any designer would do, I started keeping my costumes a secret, not telling anyone what I would be until the big reveal the day of Halloween. This created even more interest and excited among peers as they impatiently awaited the sneak peaks I would post in the weeks leading up to the big event. I loved all the attention people gave my costumes not because I needed praise for my work but because I felt it gave Halloween the attention it deserved. Over the years, Halloween has become known as a holiday exclusively beneficial to kids. Through my dedication to and passion for my creations, I was and am able to bring back the excitement of halloween that was lost both in my classmates as well as in my teachers. Now let's take a little journey through the creation process of this year's character.

Step 1: Come Up With an Idea

Picture of Come Up With an Idea

Here I was, November 1st, 2017, thinking of possible ideas for next year's Halloween costume. I had learned over the years that starting early was the only way to produce an epic costume that I would be happy sharing. Usually my next costume idea flowed fairly quickly after Halloween, and I was able to solidify an idea within a month. But, for some odd reason, November 2017 was not like the rest. I was stuck. I had several dozen ideas but none of them seemed to top the full body Avatar paint I did in 2016 or the giant octopus I had just completed. It was my senior year of high school. I wanted to do something so mind blowing, so impossibly creative that there would be no doubt that Natalie had gone out with a bang.

I was putting so much pressure on myself to find an idea for this extraordinary piece that I caused my creative engines to temporarily shut down. I couldn’t get passed this one haunting idea that involved millions of pearler beads and a final product that would not impress.

I was stuck in this creative rut, until one day my mom says to me: “Just simplify it. Go back to your roots”. Although the simplifying part did not resonate with me, going back to my roots definitely did. What were my Halloween roots molded in, I asked myself? What was it that started this crazy obsession? Where does it all go back to?

My mind raced around these questions until one image final settles in my head: WINGS! It all started with my music sheet, angel of death wings in 8th grade.

And just like that, I had an idea. My 2018 Halloween costume extravaganza would be…a dragon.

LexMaker7 months ago
Absolutely AWESOME! <3
bayview257 months ago
To copy first post, "WOW ... just WOW!"
But even mor, what great joy you showed and shared with the younger Trick/Treaters. It brought a big smile to my face.
Lorddrake8 months ago
WOW ... just WOW.
do you have any pictures of the pulley and cleat system you used to open the wings?
pickpon (author)  Lorddrake8 months ago
If you check out step 6, you can see the handles and where the ropes are connected to the tips of the wings. I'd be happy to send actual close up pictures of the cleats if you want!
Lorddrake pickpon7 months ago
Thank you. Close ups would be very helpful.
zap888 months ago
That dragon is very creative and well done. You should contact the people at Maker Faire. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a special deal.
pickpon (author)  zap888 months ago
Not a bad idea, I would love another chance to flap my dragon wings. Thanks for your feedback!
GregS2788 months ago
Now that's a costume you nailed it girl! Only way you could have done it better would be if you could make them flap enough to make you really fly! So I'll give you a 9.8 so that gives you room for improvement! Great job Dragon Girl!
pickpon (author)  GregS2788 months ago
I would have to agree, and based on the finalists it looks like the judges agree with you too! :)
Glad to take that 0.2 for improvement, thank you!
DonBloomer8 months ago
Your writing style made this intractable the best I have enjoyed!
Thank you for sharing the journey of making your fabulous costume.
pickpon (author)  DonBloomer8 months ago
Thank you for your feedback! I had fun writing about this crazy adventure
AF6YS8 months ago
AWESOME!!! Very well detailed -able. You are very dedicated to Halloween and doing the Instructable with such detail.
My one question is how will you top that next year?
pickpon (author)  AF6YS8 months ago
Thank you! In terms of next year, that is something I haven't quite figured out...but I am definitely looking forward to making the creative side of my brain work hard to make it happen
ScottR1658 months ago
Since the focus of the costume is the wings I would have loved to see more pictures or a video about the construction of the wings, how they attach to the belt etc. Well done otherwise.
pickpon (author)  ScottR1658 months ago
I'd be happy to share some more close ups and videos of the belt process and wing construction! Let me know. Thank you for the feedback.
Mimikry8 months ago
you really live halloween :)
great costume!
I like the sound of the scalepants
pickpon (author)  Mimikry8 months ago
Thank you! I definitely do, and I thought the auditory effect added one more layer of interest :)
RayP248 months ago
Amazing! Brilliant! Fantastic!
pickpon (author)  RayP248 months ago
Thank you so much!!
Kink Jarfold8 months ago
Holy crap! As Peter Boyle used to say. That is awesome. Loved the video and the kids. --Kink--
pickpon (author)  Kink Jarfold8 months ago
Thank you! Fun night indeed scaring (hopefully not scaring) the kids and adults a like!
gm2808 months ago
Why do I get the feeling that that custom displayed on the street was a real show/traffic stopper?
pickpon (author)  gm2808 months ago
Hahaha according to the passing cars it appeared to be
Very impressive! This is probably the biggest wing span that I have ever seen in a costume.
pickpon (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos8 months ago
Thanks so much!
All I wonder is how hard it is to get through doors.