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Picture of Starting your linux box remotely.
There are just times when I can not get to a computer, but I still need to access it. So now when I install a machine, I set the machine to allow it to be started remotely. You can on some systems, password protect that process for security reasons. At home that is not a big deal most of the time.
Here we go:

Note: You can actually start any wol (make-on-lan) capable computer, not just a linux computer this way.

Step 1: Typical situation.

Picture of Typical situation.
Screenshot-Offshore Educators (Main Page) 1 - Mozilla Firefox-1.png
Screenshot-Roboputer. �� Offshore Educators - Mozilla Firefox.png
You want to use your web server. Oh no, it's down. Maybe I can go in the back door and restart the server. Oops, that is down also. I must have shut the system down  Now I have to get out of cozy bed to some cold or dark place to turn the system on. Ickky.

Oh, Wait I set up that server to turn on remotely!!! Just need to double click the icon to start it up.

Double clicked the icon and will wait a little bit.

Now let me see if I can log in remotely to check the status of the server

$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 status
[sudo] password for eddie:
Apache is running (pid 1602).

Oh great!! system is up and the web server is running. Let me get to the web page now. It's up! Done, all  without leaving the bed.  I will work on the Wordpress blog a bit.

How to do it next......
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