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Picture of St Louis Beer Arch

A fun little party idea I had using empty beer cans.

Step 1: Mathing the Arch

Picture of Mathing the Arch
arch math.png

Growing up in St Louis, I have been on my share of field trips to the arch. We also had math and science problems involving the arch. Somewhere along the way it has been engraved into my memory that the arch is not a regular hyperbola, but a hyperbolic cosine with the same height and width of 630ft.

I figure if I am building a scale model of the arch I might as well take pride in its accuracy. And a quick trip to Wikipedia gave me the exact formula used in the design.

DangerPlate4 years ago
Beer dates back to before the written word and civilization. The arch, to about Roman times. Never have the two been so gracefully combined. (Bud Light is gross, however.)

No mention of the age of the math???

seamster4 years ago

Very cool!

Any plan to share the print files, if anyone was interested in replicating your beer arch?

BryantM (author)  seamster4 years ago

Good idea. I have added another step with some STL files attached along with a blueprint for the build. Hopefully you can download these and give it a try!

3366carlos4 years ago

i thoguht the formula was e=mc*c. Just kidding, awesome job.

Jobar0074 years ago

I grew up in the St Louis area and my father worked downtown. I loved to go visit him because it took us past the Budweiser brewery. It smelled so good...

This is pretty clever. I thought that it was just going to be a duct tape and beer can arch, but I am very impressed. Thanks for sharing!

Flecks4 years ago

I feel like this is exactly what the invention of excel, solidworks, wikipedia, 3D printers, the fantastic leaps in maths, the perfection of beer brewing (Bud light though :/ ) has lead up to. Absolutely perfect sir!

Victor Does4 years ago

Hahaha, just as at University!

GeekTinker4 years ago
If you haven't already found it, your level of genius and skill would be very welcome at the Arch Reactor Hackerspace in St. Louis, Missouri. for more info, directions, and our calendar of events.
One event you should enjoy is the 3D printer meetup, usually held on the last Friday of every month.
In my opinion it would have been easier to solder the cans together. Great project though
tomatoskins4 years ago

Hahaha I am totally geeking out over the math aspect of this! Thanks for sharing!