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Picture of Spider dress

I am not an English native speaker, I will try to do my best to explain how I have made this spider dress ^_^

Step 1: Materials List

Picture of Materials List

Furnitures :


-Electric Iron



-Needle pins

-Pattern paper

-Dress form


-Panne velvet x3 meters (slightly stretchy)

-Sretch satin x3 meters (for the dress lining)

-Tulle large width x2 meters (for the underskirt)

-Spider web lace x0,50meters

-fishnet (snood) x 0,50meters

-Zipper 35cm

-Silver piping cord x 16 meters

-Spider charm x 40

-Press stud x 1

This is a beautiful dress. This should be in my favorites collection. Good for halloween.

Janis Nuttea (author)  Little Miss Cutie2 years ago

Thank you so much for the fav :D

Madame Blue2 years ago

The finished dress is beautiful, I love the silver piping detail on the flounces! Your instructions didn't mention where you used the satin; I'm assuming you used it as the lining for the bustier? I love this, you are very talented :D

Janis Nuttea (author)  Madame Blue2 years ago

Thanks ! Oh sorry, I use the satin for the dress lining (bustier and the 2 flounces). Thanks so much :D

This looks great. The spider web theme could work for a lot of different kinds of costumes.

Thanks :) I'm glad you liked it!