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Picture of Spectrum Analyzer with Intel Edison

Transform your Intel Edison in an amazing spectrum analyzer to use in your audio applications!

With some C lines and terminal commands you will be able to visualize your favorite song in frequency domain or show the frequencies that compose your guitar notes.

Step 1: Setting up your board

In order to compile and run the Discrete Fourier Transform and auxiliary toolkits included in our Spectrum Analyzer you will need latest Yocto firmware for Intel Edison or Ubilinux with mraa library installed.

Also, your board must be connected to your network and accepting SSH connections (Yocto users, run $ configure_edison --setup if you have not already).

For Ubilinux users: follow this tutorial from Sparkfun, but in step "Build and Install mraa", use command:


to change default installation path to /usr. Python setup is optional for this Instructables.

For Yocto users: just go to the next step. libmraa is already installed in your system.

AbhilashJ23 years ago

Hey.. I wanted to know if there was a simple way to change the code through which I can take input from the microphone jack in my USB sound card?

Awesome work, by the way! :)

Lukewhite3 years ago


Reubenscott3 years ago

Great Job well done....

ViviE1 made it!3 years ago



Brilliant, very nice !!

renanlino (author)  Omar Mekkawy4 years ago
hello Omar,
thank you!!
tomatoskins4 years ago

This is so cool!

renanlino (author)  tomatoskins4 years ago
hello tomatoskins!
thank you!
Can you apply these principles to light? Like a light analyzer?
renanlino (author)  malexander154 years ago
hello malexander15!
Theoretically Discrete Fourier Transform could be applied to any signal. Some applications include image processing too. But, I don't know what kind of sensor you could use to acquire light signal, capable to show its time variations as an electromagnetic signal.
And the visible spectrum corresponds to a band in the vicinity of 430–790 THz! With Edison we are limited to only 5 kHz.
MutiuF4 years ago


renanlino (author)  MutiuF4 years ago
hello MutiuF!
thank you!

Waaow its nice

renanlino (author)  Suleymankutluer4 years ago
hello Suleymankutluer!
thank you!