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this instructableWater Bottle Rockets are a terrific demonstration of Newton's Laws of Motion. I have been launching these rockets with my 7th graders for the past 10+ years. After a number of prototypes, I'm ready to share a project that anyone can build and test. The best part, it only takes about an hour to build! These rockets will easily fly 150 feet with some of the better projects traveling well over 300!

Warning! There is always risk involved when subjecting bottles to high pressure. There is also risk due to the uncertainty of where a rocket may land. Keep all spectators behind and away from the launch area / anticipated landing area.

Step 1: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Picture of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Want to know what's better than buying your own 2 Liter soda bottles? Raiding a neighbors' recycling or taking a few bottles home from a party you've attended/crashed. Although it only takes about 1 hour to build one of these rockets, I give my students 3 weeks notice (so they can find creative ways to collect the bottles). If your hunt for used bottles is a bust, you can almost always find a brand on sale. This year, I found a 5 for $5.00 deal on Pepsi products. I prefer the Pepsi bottles over the Coca-Cola brand bottles because of the shape of the bottles. We purchased A&W Rootbeer to make a few rootbeer floats and poured the rest down the drain.

its very nice presentation i am very glad about you
It's nice and nice, but it's a little troublesome. I'm suggesting that you explain more and if you put the movie better, I would be so grateful that you follow me. Hope to be successful.
jwhit2 days ago
Do you pressurize both bottles simultaneously? I'm a middle school science teacher (Grade 8) and have done water bottle rockets in the past and would like to do them again. My launch mechanism kept breaking down but yours looks interesting.
JGB5 days ago
Bravo.... It is a nice presentation.

You may want to go back and revise where you tell us where to order the kit and to ignore reviews as you will show in step 6, how to fix it... as you simply do not. I do think that a promise that will be covered in another instructable might want to make an appearance at this point as opposed to the end. I could not help but feel disappointed when it was promised earlier and then did not make a presence here.

I hope this makes sense as I truly enjoyed the clarity of what you wrote here.
go to this link for more detail
Biodynamic (author)  JGB5 days ago
Your comment makes perfect sense! I just needed to find the time to make another instructable and insert the links. Thanks for the push. The links have been updated.
JGB Biodynamic4 days ago
I would have hated for this detail to cause friction in others as you presented very well. I will make this build with my kids and then maybe some students... either way, its a win!
That was awesome!
sturific6 days ago
me and my friends had so much fun with these, when we were young. never put this much effort in to them though.
AussieAlf11 days ago
That's pretty cool biodynamic. Wish teachers taught subjects like yours back when i was a kid.
Biodynamic (author)  AussieAlf11 days ago
Thank you! One of the reasons I decided to teach middle school was the lack of excitement in my own experience.