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Picture of Smoke in a jar

Smoke in a jar??????? Yup thats right you can trap smoke in a jar. And in this Instructable i'm going to show you how.

Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed

For this Instructable you will need

a Q card

a lighter

a jar with a lid

YungC61 month ago
Is there any possible way to change the color without using colored lights on the inside or outside?

nice 'ible! Is the smoke sitting inside there for ever or will it disappear at some point?

7macs (author)  Filippo Taddei2 years ago

It will start to dissipate after about 10-15 mins.

mrsmerwin2 years ago

But what do you do with it?

Maybe you can make a lamp with your phone's flashlight too. It's just an idea, I don't know if it works. ?
ailaG mrsmerwin2 years ago

You can use it in LARPs. If you play a wizard, a fortune teller, possibly an alchemist...



I like this a lot!

7macs (author)  rainingfiction2 years ago

Thank you!

7macs (author) 2 years ago

You cant really do anything with it, but if there is a small breeze you can take the lid of and it makes a really cool effect. but it still looks cool just sitting in the jar.

7macs (author) 2 years ago


Thanks thats really cool!

unigamer2 years ago

Smoke doesn't "want to rise". It is usually in hot air and that causes it to rise. I have head that early hot air balloon pioneers thought that it was the smoke from a fire that would make their balloons rise but of course, it's the hot air! I don't have a reference for that little anecdote but you can read more about the subject here:


You'll need to find something to do with your trapped smoke!