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Picture of Smart Attendance System (Intel Edison Inside)

Smart Attendance System has developed based on RFID & Intel Edison Board for Attendance management application for schools, offices & institutes. This system is very easy to use, student or employee will carry a RFID card tags, we will install an attendance system based on RFID reader and Intel Edison in Schools or institutes, The student have to show his RFID card to device, device will scan unique Code RFID Tag, After scanning card id no, the system will search the student on the previously created database. If it found the student on the database it instantly stores date and time of the entry of student. The system can sent email to parents email address after the entry of the student. The system can be accessed from the browser.

This system can be used in many application such as library management, automatic stock entry and so on. .

Now-a-days different types of attendance system are available. The system like Barcode system, Smart - card and Bio - metric technology are present. As compare to them RFID is faster than barcode and smart card system and cheaper than bio - metric system, Hence I used RFID for my Project.

Apologized for the poor video and image quality. Video is recorded by mobile phone as I have no camera.

Step 1: Components & Tools Required

Picture of Components & Tools Required


  • Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout (sparkfun)
  • 12V-2A DC Power Adapter (ebay)
  • Some jumper wires

Software Tools

  • Yocto complete image (Intel)
  • Intel® XDK IoT Edition (Intel)

Are you ready with your tools? Lets, start working...

pro77611 months ago
Are there any alternative options to the intel edison kit?
dishaka1 year ago

i wanted a detailed explanation in the project modification step...could you please provide me the soon as possible

alzab2 years ago

Great looking tutorial, I am now wondering how we initially register the student with the RFID tag?

rickharris3 years ago

Neat and well explained. However we also tried smart registration - this lead to such long ques in the corridor at each lesson change we abandoned the idea.

taifur (author)  rickharris3 years ago

Thank you for your good comment

Is this possible to make this in any cheaper boards,

Probably. However that won't get you over the practical limitations.

I assume this is a student project.

Your now in that area where you have to do your own research and evaluation. You need to look at equipment specifications - Evaluate how others have done this and start to think about the skills your going to need to make it work.

It is NOT for others to do this work for you. Otherwise your degree/exam qualification would belong to them!

Start reading, taking notes and valuating

I repeat that from a purely practical point of view this isn't a workable system for schools, at least not in the UK.

MuhammadW253 years ago

then, how to make it run at startup?

asethi53 years ago

but I hate attending college

Interesting work and well explain

taifur (author)  arduino-raspi3 years ago

Thank you

MahmudN3 years ago

Very nice work

taifur (author)  MahmudN3 years ago

Thank you

jhdeedar3 years ago

Thank you sir for your nice post

taifur (author)  jhdeedar3 years ago

Thank you

mafiha3 years ago
Very cool idea & nicely done.
taifur (author)  mafiha3 years ago