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Picture of Skull Mask


This is a skull mask, modeled more or less after a wolf skull that can be used for things such as cosplay or halloween costume purposes.

For some background information that will be useful, plus it's what I modeled this project after would be this skull mask tutorial and worblapie tutorial. It is a good idea to watch them before proceeding since I mostly based this process on these tutorials.

Step 1: Making the base

Picture of Making the base
ss (2018-05-06 at 02.55.44).png
ss (2018-05-06 at 03.30.18).png

What you'll need:

You'll want to make this cardboard base out of, well you guessed it, cardboard: specifically cardboard from things such like cereal boxes! It's thin, and easy to work with and won't make your base super heavy.

Masking tape: so you can tape everything together, and hold it in place.

Paper mask: which you can find at your local craft stores. It'll allow you to put the mask on your face and hold it in place, also where to judge to put the eye holes later on in the process. You will then want to cut off the jaw line of the mask.

Scissors and sharpie: so you can draw patterns and cut them.

I have also bought a foam head so I can mount the mask and work with the skull easier. To make sure you have the right dimensions, however, I recommend measuring the circumference of your own head, and also the foam head so you know if you have to make your cardboard base bigger. (As for me, I was basically the same circumference as the foam head). But, due to the later steps, I recommend making the cardboard base at least a half-inch bigger than your head for wiggle room, or your mask will be tight and squeeze your head which will cause uncomfortable headaches.

First Image: patterns

For the nose ridge, and the nose it self.

The other two patterns next to it are for the side of the head and snout.

I made mine about 8-10 inches long.

Second Image: teeth

This will be the base of your teeth. Like most wolf teeth and skulls, they have their canines, more rows of sharp teeth, then another row of flatter teeth behind. Then there's a ridge where the lower jaw bone is supposed to fit.

Third and Fourth Images: putting it on the mask

The flaps on the pattern allow you to fold them behind the nose area in the pattern to make a 3D snout-like shape. I also took cardboard and put "arches" around the the top of the head and the back of the head as a frame.

I taped the frame of the snout to that frame.

Elias Ainsworth. Nice job.
attosa1 year ago


Awesome mask. I am definitely going to teach my kids how to make masks like this next year.