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Picture of Simple Hack to Remove Static in the Coffee Grinder

Coffee is much better when you use freshly ground coffee beans. However, when using a burr coffee grinder, one common frustration is the little bits of coffee grounds that stick to the grinder. If you use it frequently, the static electricity that causes those bits of coffee to stick around can make your coffee grinder look dingy and dirty. Additionally, sometimes grinding coffee makes a real mess in the kitchen. Static, coffee, and grinders can be a huge headache! However, there is a surprisingly simply solution to these common problems.

Step 1: Prepate your coffee beans

Picture of Prepate your coffee beans

Add your coffee beans to the grinder hopper.

CutMuch7 months ago
Um, question: why is there a cut between when he dumps the beans and shows the bin? Is it so you could clean the bin and make this “brilliant hack” look like it actually works?
DeanC571 year ago
Step 1. Fill hopper with desired amount of beans.
Step 2. Remove ground coffee chamber.
Step 3. Exhale into chamber so there's a little moisture on the walls.
Step 4. Immediatly return chamber to grinder and grind beans.
This method will eliminate about 90% of the static.
chienline3 years ago

Awesome! Saving time for washing the grounds bin ^_^

wold6303 years ago

Great tip! I have a coffee grinder for spices that I'm going to try this with!

frenchpresscoffee (author)  wold6303 years ago