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Bubbles are awesome!!! I completely reject the notion that bubble blowing is merely childrens' play, and view it as a fun, relaxing, creative activity for humanoids of all ages and backgrounds. Setting up a bubble station at a party, festival, event or your own back yard provides hours of fun and entertainment! You provide the tools, and your guests/patrons make the magic! As I frequently set up giant bubble stations at festivals and other events, I've seen first hand the diversity of bubble enthusiasts. I've done lots of experiments with various recipes and tools, and I am gifting to YOU the knowledge I've gained through this Instructable, my first Instructable ever! Whether you're looking for a fun activity for a party, a creative festival/event offering, or just some back yard fun, this Instructable will give you the know-how to set up your own Bodacious Bubble Station!

We will cover:

  • The basics - What you will need to set up your own BODACIOUS BUBBLE STATION!
  • How to make my favorite BODACIOUS BUBBLE SOLUTION (both in half and full batches).
  • Tools of the Trade - I'll show you how to make simple DIY bubble wands and will also discuss recommended commercially available tools we love.
  • Pro tips and tricks - we've learned a lot, and will share our insights.

I hope you find that this Instructable empowers and inspires you on your own BODACIOUS BUBBLE JOURNEY! I welcome you to share your own tricks and CC in the comments :)

Step 1: Gather your supplies!

Picture of Gather your supplies!

There are some basic items you'll need to set up a BODACIOUS BUBBLE STATION.

  1. Buckets with Lids
  2. BODACIOUS BUBBLE SOLUTION (recipe in next step)
  3. Bubble Blowing Tools: Loop-style Wands, Tri-String Wands and Trays
  4. Clean-Up Station

...Let's discuss each...

1. Buckets with Lids are you friends! They are perfect for mixing and storing your BODACIOUS BUBBLE SOLUTION, and can be easily found in the paint department of your local hardware store or being discarded at a restaurant. I recommend a variety of 5 gallon and 2 gallon buckets. How many you need depends on how BODACIOUS you want to get! For backyard play, you'd probably be fine with just a single 2 gallon bucket with lid for mixing a half batch of solution in or a single 5 gallon bucket with lid for a full batch of solution. When I bring the large-scale BODACIOUS BUBBLE STATION to festivals, for one day of bubble play I use five 5 gallon buckets and three 2 gallon buckets. In three of the 5 gallon buckets, I mix full batches of solution, and the other two 5 gallon buckets are filled with water for cleanup purposes (see #4, Clean-Up Station). Mixing three full batches of BODACIOUS BUBBLE SOLUTION gives me about 10 gallons total which will last at a festival for 4-7 hours of continuous play, depending on the number and type of tools/wands provided. I use the additional three 2 gallon buckets to pour smaller batches of solution into for dipping Tri-String Wands.

2. BODACIOUS BUBBLE SOLUTION - I have experimented with many recipes and am sharing my favorite in the next step. This solution has consistently performed well for me in various conditions and with various tools, producing ginormous and beautiful, colorful bubbles. Start here, but don't be afraid to experiment with different recipes on your own and find what works best for you.

3. Bubble Blowing Tools - Bubble blowing tools can be simply crafted at home or purchased. In further steps, I will discuss the different kinds of tools. I will show you different ways you can make your own wands of various styles at home with materials you probably have laying around. I will also make recommendations for commercially-available bubble blowing tools we love and upgrades. For backyard play, a few tools/wands will do. For large-scale setups of the BODACIOUS BUBBLE STATION at festivals and events, I provide 6 standard loop wands & trays and 3 tri-string wands if the wind is gentle and space allows.

4. Clean-Up Station - If you are playing in your backyard, you'll probably have access to a water hose or spigot for clean-up. Often, if setting up at a festival, you may not have your own hose but likely will be able to fill some buckets with water to keep at your station. In these situations, I fill two 5 gallon buckets with water, one for washing tools and one for hands, and also provide some dry towels. At festivals, it never fails that parents of toddlers will be drawn to the bubbles, and will not be prepared to deal with the soapy toddler that results. These parents are always very grateful when you offer them a bucket of rinse water and towels when they're done playing. These same toddlers will inevitably drag your bubble wands along the ground getting them dirty, and in this case, you can suggest to them rinsing the wand off in the tool wash water bucket before returning it to the tray. The clean-up station is not necessary, but a nice touch that will make your life and others better.

Try Googling "Bubble Festival" or "Grandpop Bubbles".. or visit my photo album at to see what a party can be like.
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This is so cool! A really BIG thanks for sharing this with us all.

BrookeW233 years ago
Your BODACIOUS BUBBLE STATION was so great at Big Folk this year! Thank you! I love your instructable, too! You rock!
green-to-go (author)  BrookeW233 years ago

Thanks Brooke! I had so much fun bubbling with all the KerrPham! HUGS

These are so much fun. My kids will play with these for hours.

Hooray! Bubbles make kids smarter! If you get them involved from the get-go, they can practice math, science, creativity and social skills, all in one fun activity! Happy bubbling to your fam :)

Love Bubbles!

green-to-go (author)  GingerSnapsAM3 years ago

Right there with you, Ginger SnapsAM!!!