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Picture of Sending temperature sensor data wirelessly from Arduino to PC

In the guide, I will explain how I managed to send data to PC from Arduino via a Bluetooth RN-42 transceiver.This Bluetooth transceiver basically acts as a generic serial COM port. The Arduino to PC connection is very useful in applications, where the Arduino reads sensor output pin and then pass their values via serial Bluetooth to a PC.

Step 1: Hardware connection

Picture of Hardware connection

1) Solder 4 wires to the Bluetooth module: TX-0, RX-1, GND, VCC

Also connect the RTS-0 to CTS-1

2) Wire the Bluetooth module to the Arduino Uno according to this:

Bluetooth TX-0 to Arduino Uno RX-0

Bluetooth RX-1 is connected to Arduino Uno TX-1

Bluetooth GND pin is connected to Arduino GND pin

Bluetooth VCC -----> Arduino 3.3V piN.

4) Use a 9V battery to power the circuit

Using your PC's bluetooth or phone's bluetooth, try to connect to RN-42 module

5) Connect the TMP36 temperature sensor as shown in the hardware diagram. The middle pin is connected to any A0 -A7 analog pin.

avsingh9991 year ago

what is volts because it's show error

DanK841 year ago
How do I transfer the distance from sensor to mobile. My email
NavinB42 years ago

What's the exact model of the Bluetooth RN-42 transceiver used in this example, and which models are compatible with Arduino Uno?

seamster3 years ago

Very nice, clear steps. Thanks for sharing :)