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Picture of Rustic Pallet Bottle Opener

What inspired me?

The step between practicality and aesthetics can often lead to design failures, focal products and in some cases a change in the original use. however, when they meet, and the practicality base lines with the over all look of the design, some pretty amazing things can happen. I decided to make a very simple bottle opener that used some random bits from my room. This is what I made and how I made it. Enjoy.

What will you need?

-jig saw or band saw

-disk sander

-find sand paper

-13mm speed bit or forstner bit

-32mm speed bit or forstner bit

-pallet wood

-12mm washer

-screw with a 4.5-5.0mm screw head

-drill press or normal hand drill

-optional finishes

Step 1: Step 1 - the Form

Picture of Step 1 - the Form

Form is really important when making something like this. It needs to be small enough to comfortable hold, but long enough to apply the correct force so it can be used as a bottle opener. So, I measured our existing bottle opener and decided up on a length of 80mm a width of 30mm and a depth of 20mm. The first mark was the basic rectangular shape. I used a jig saw to cut this out making sure to stay proud of the line so I could sand it later.