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Picture of Rugged R2D2 Pinata

For my son's birthday, I created a rugged R2D2 pinata. The reason I wanted to create a rugged pinata is because store bought pinata offerings are frankly pathetic. Their construction seems like a glorified cereal box covered in tissue paper, and they yield quite easily when beaten. Once kids start beating on a pinata, they don't like to stop. With a cheap pinata this is a problem because if it ruptures before everybody gets a chance to hit it, some of the kids will be certainly be whining that they didn't get a turn.

With a rugged pinata, all the guests, from the youngest to the oldest, can let loose their aggression on it. Each kid gets at least a few turns before it is damaged to the point where any candy is spilling out. I also figure it is better to get them to burn as many calories as possible in the process of getting their candy.

I also chose not to blindfold the kids. I always thought that blindfolding added a kind of a disappointment to something that should be fun. Who wants to just swing at air and miss? Kids and adults alike enjoy beating on something and being able to cause real damage.

Step 1: Design, Materials, and Construction Methods

Picture of Design, Materials, and Construction Methods

I was not trying to create an exact R2D2 replica by any means. I just wanted to create a piñata version with all of the essential details. I searched the internet for some basic pictures and diagrams that I could measure and scale as needed for my design. Thankfully, there is a whole community related to ultra detailed R2D2 replicas, so finding this kind of information was no problem.

I did not create a complete plan before starting construction. I only had a general idea of the construction materials and techniques I would like to use. The main body was chosen to be 12 inches in diameter. I chose this dimension somewhat arbitrarily, based on what I thought was a reasonable overall size for a piñata. Online sources stated that a full size R2D2 has a main body diameter of about 18 inches. That puts my piñata at about 2/3 scale.

The cardboard I used was very thick, taken from heavy boxes I salvaged from my workplace shipping department recycle bin. The material was not your usual cardboard; it was almost like plywood! I used by band saw to cut most of the pieces due to the thickness. When working with thinner material, I did the cutting with a utility knife.

I primarily used regular Elmer's white glue for joining the cardboard pieces of the structure. I must have used two 16 fl oz bottles of glue by the time it was finished. Masking tape was used to temporarily hold pieces in place during gluing.