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Picture of replacing a guide on a fishing rod

Quite how the first guide on this rod got to be in this state no one seems to know. It was only a cheap rod, but even so with a new guide costing £3+p&p it had to be worth trying if only for the practice. I got my new eyes from

They also sell whipping thread sealing epoxy and by the looks of things anything else you need to repair or build a fishing rod at a price!

Step 1: Remove broken guide

Picture of Remove broken guide

using your cutting tool of choice, cut away the epoxy and binding holding the old support to the rod, a little twist and it's off.

fridelain1 month ago
I use teflon tape (Thread seal tape, plumber's tape) and glue. PVC pipe glue, because I have a free supply of both in the form of almost-empty rolls and cans. Put a bit of glue on the rod, wind the teflon tightly, which will carry the glue forward, add a dab of glue as it runs out. Let dry, then paint it over.