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Picture of Replace Headlight Lamps on a KIA Ceed Left & Right Side

Hi! It's quite easy to change/replace the lamp/bulb on the headlights on a Kia Ceed. It doesnt take many minutes and its easy. It could also save you a couple of bucks by doing it yourself instead of leaving it to the car mechanic.

If you just want the moving pictures of this, there is a small video.

The usual way to do this is dismantle the whole headlight. This way you just have to move the coolant dispenser and/or the battery.

The only tools I use is a socket wrench size 10 mm and 12 mm. You could also use a pair of pliers.

The headlights lamps is H7 12V 55W.

I have had other cars like KIA Piccanto, Hyundai Getz and Hyundai Atos. They all have the similar headlights, so this instructable will probably work on them too. This car I have here is a 2008/2009 year model.

For me, If I have the tools at hand, it takes about 10 minutes(or less) to change lamp on the right side and about 15 minutes or less on the left side.

Ok. Stop the car and pop the hood! Lets get started!

Step 1: The Right Side

Picture of The Right Side

The right side (from the driver position) is quick and easy.

To get a better reach, you can loosen two screws to the coolant dispenser. Use the 10 mm socket wrench to unscrew the two bolts and just move the dispenser a bit.

OlivierS271 year ago

Hey, thanks a lot for your explanations. Really clear.

I have the exact same car.

By any chance, before I change my bulbs, do you think it would be possible to put led bulbs instead? I saw that they usually are longer due to the fan at the back so I'm not sure it will fit.

dekeros (author)  OlivierS271 year ago

Hi there! Well. I had to look it up a bit, and I cant see to find any headlights that are LED. But I'm sure there must be somewhere, only I cant find it. I would like to have that too.:-) All the other bulbs/lamps seems to be interchangable to led lamps on the car. If you manage to find an answer please let me know. Thanks you for checking out the instructable and commenting!