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Picture of Wood Pallets Into Organised Wall Feature

This is my first instructable but I have been an avid lurker on this wonderful site called Instructables for along time, I'm a keen tinkerer in my garage converted woodshop and I love to make stuff out of wood.

For the Remix Contest instructable design, I used the similar style Corasaurus Rex has used for his published instructable, I liked the way he staggered the ends of each piece of wood so I thought I would add that to my design as it's quite effective :) link to Corasaurus Rex

So to start off with this Instructable I wanted to make a quick and as cheap as possible wall feature to fill a space infront of my pc desk at home - as it was a bit plain and my desk was a bit cluttered with stuff, this project cost me to make around £4 as I had to buy the cans of black spray paint (£1 each) - and it didnt take long to make and anyone can make it and design it how they want it.

Step 1: Tools and the Bits N Bobs Required

Picture of Tools and the Bits N Bobs Required

I used the below bits and bobs to create this pallet wall feature

* 2 Wood pallets

* Bag of 50mm wood screws

* Counter sink

* Wall plugs

* Philips bit and small drill bit

* Drill

* Jig saw

* Band saw

* Wood glue

* Black gloss spray paint (I used x4 300ml cans)

* Pencil

* 180 Sand paper

* Square

* Tape measure

* Bought 4 cans of black spray paint (£1 each)

H Minh Pham7 months ago
Very neat design you have there. I think it would look great if you have some light source probably underneath the sword to make that area more visible.
RandomWoodWork (author)  H Minh Pham7 months ago
Thankyou, yes LED lighting is a very good idea :)
Kink Jarfold7 months ago
Ah, pallet wood. My wood of choice. Nicely done! --Kink--
RandomWoodWork (author)  Kink Jarfold7 months ago
thankyou for your kind words :)