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Picture of Reclaimed Pallet Wood Herringbone Outdoor Bench

This is a great project that can be accomplished in a weekend and will be a great addition to your yard or patio.

Adding a herringbone pattern to the top is easy and adds a lot of style to the piece.

This bench is also ready to be put anywhere outside, covered or uncovered.

Step 1: Get and Deconstruct Pallets

Picture of Get and Deconstruct Pallets

Getting your hands on pallets is the easy part. Taking them apart is another matter entirely. I had been collecting pallets, taking a couple apart at a time, so I had a nice wood pile to choose from. There are many ways to get the wood apart. Personally, I like using a pallet ripper and a trusty nail puller. In general getting the nails out of the wood makes things safer when you have to cut the wood, but for this project, you can leave the stubborn ones in the 2x4s since they get well hidden.

NikonUser made it!3 months ago
A great project using scrap pallet wood. Measurements can be easily adapted based on the wood you can lay your hands on, though I made a couple of bad decisions that cost me...
The first was just down to not knowing my wood - some of the wood I chose to use for the subframe was really hard, so much so that I had trouble getting nails into it even with pilot holes, and turned the heads completely off of two screws... when fitting the trim.
My other mistake was to leave my centre rail too narrow - I didn’t have enough wood available to double up pieces to make a more substantial piece to nail into, so I ended up only able to put a single nail in the end of each of the herringbone parts, and will have to hope they don’t twist.
I put half lap joints into the leg cross braces, to make them look a little more elegant - it was my first attempt at doing these with a table saw, and I was quite pleased how they turned out.
Other than my two mistakes, I thoroughly enjoyed building something so practical ‘for nothing’. We are using it as a bench by the washing line, to put the washing basket on.
Thanks for the Instructable - well written instructions and easy to follow.
Defy571 year ago

Do you have an idea of how many pallets this takes?

Love the pattern BTW.

do you know the length of the top surface part of the bench? Just to get a quick measure. I want to rebuild this and want to get all the correct measurements

meshack33 (author)  Rachel Hall1 year ago

Don't exactly remember. The trim piece on the outside was ~4ft since that was the width of the pallet I took it from. Everything else was relative to that.

dekeros1 year ago

Great result! Thanks for sharing!

I love a good pallet project and this one is great! Thanks for sharing
jpmarth1 year ago

Love the look! We have an old and worn coffee table. Planning to do a pallet board wrap and this gives me a good idea for a pattern