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Plastic bottles are involved in all kinds of "reuse" projects. I am sure many of us have seen such projects in different sizes, colors and shapes. Plastic as a material is kind of versatile. if I may say. We have them lying around everywhere these days and I am a big fan of recycling them. (Please do so if are not already doing so (Because you are awesome) ) As part of my school project I was challenged to use plastic as my prototyping material to explore some possibilities of transforming them into functional art. My friend Kareem had a party last weekend where I could gather some empty plastic soda bottles that I decided to use for this project.

Some tidbits about the type of bottles you may want to consider. Water bottles are made of different types of plastic. You will need a moderately sturdy material (like the ones used for large soda bottles) They are pliable but are still strong to take the rough handling of cutting and shaping them into other types of objects. They can be heated and colored not to mention they are pretty forgiving when you want to bend them with some moderate heat.

Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
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  1. 3x4 ply wood (I was exploring some sturdy but light material for the back board. I got a recycled pressed ply.)
  2. Recycled bottles (preferably large soda bottles all of the same size - plain or colored or a mix of all colors will work)
  3. Screws to secure the bottles
  4. playing plastic balls
  5. sanding paper (optional - I used this to smoothen the edges of the wood base - important if kids are going to play)
  6. Hot glue or any other type of glue that is plastic and wood friendly.
  7. Pair of scissors and a cutting knife some recycled colored bottle caps (if you have plain bottle caps then use some paint to color them or use them as is) (This is optional)
Swansong2 years ago

This would be a great kids' craft! :)

santsub (author)  Swansong2 years ago
yeah my son and his friends loved it. it can be such nice game for adults too to have fun