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Picture of Radio Console for My Truck

If you need a way to organize a few radios and have some scrap wood and fiberglass lying around, this is the instructable for you. My father is the helping hand in most of the pictures, big thanks to him.

Step 1: Decisions

Picture of Decisions

I have a 2011 Ram 1500 4 door 4wd, and I needed a place to mount a pretty decent amount of radio equipment and since we never used our center seat I decided that a radio console might be the route to go.

TroyB531 year ago

Thanks for the article. Do you recommend ArmorThane, Rhino, Scorpion or some other brand? From what i've seen ArmorThane makes the best bedliner...

jaychoate (author)  TroyB531 year ago

I used the spray cans from walmart, its a white and black can, and be sure to let it air dry in the sun for few days before you put it in a vehicle.

jaychoate (author)  jaychoate1 year ago

Duplicolor maybe, it works well and is convenient

Alex in NZ1 year ago

Neat! Thank you for showing this. The bedliner-over-glass is a brilliant way of getting a professional finish.

jaychoate (author)  Alex in NZ1 year ago

Thank you! I should have sanded the fiberglass a little more, but it is definitely holding up