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Picture of Quick Straw Wrapper Flower

Have you ever been at a restaurant bored waiting for your food?

Nowadays people go out to eat and although they attempt to stay away from constantly looking at their phones and try to be more social it does not always work and the wait for food seems to be getting a longer and longer.

When waiting for your food to come out and conversation is slow here is a fun trick to keep you busy!

Step 1: Parts and equipment

Picture of Parts and equipment


  • Straw wrapper


  • Wrap straw
BlueS31 year ago

This looks really cool. I keep getting stuck between steps 6 and 7. How does a right angle make the straw fold over itself?

DigitalHer04 years ago

Love the idea of making something out of trash. Thanks for sharing.

Ryuko224 years ago

thanks for the idea

tomatoskins4 years ago

That looks so cool! I love making little things like this out of trash.

Flenters4 years ago

What a great instructable, and a nice idea leaving it for the waitress!