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Picture of Play Music With Arduino!

In this instructable I will show you how I play music using an Arduino UNO and a SD Card module.

We will use the SPI Communication.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts

We will need the following parts:

Arduino UNO

SD Card Reader

Jumper Wires

Audio Amplifier


Wow ,Great ,I like it.
Lindermann95 (author)  luoyang415733441 month ago
Thank you!
Rupeshkadam9 months ago
How can I use IR break beam sensor with this project?
Lindermann95 (author)  Rupeshkadam9 months ago
Well is really easy, there are plenty of tutorials of how to read a IR remote control with arduino, there is a library for it.
Then you only need add some “if” sentences. (This is one way to do it)
“If(bla bla bla IR read == Up){
bla bla;
Something like that
Another question, I don't have SD module. Can I use Intel Galileo instead of Arduino because it has an SD card slot?
Thank You!
Lindermann95 (author)  Rupeshkadam9 months ago
Hi there,
Well... I've never use an Intel Galileo but the most important thing here is the audio library, if there is one for the Galileo board and there is a functional output pin then it would work, I think...
The pin is very important, in the Arduino Mega there is only 1 functional pin, the 46, even when almos all the pins are available for PWM, not all of them will work as a speaker, I think this is something that is declared in the library.

Give it a try and let me know :)

Finally !!! An instructables about it ! thank you very much ^^

Lindermann95 (author)  Mister Gears1 year ago
Your welcome! As you can see it is very easy!
Gadisha1 year ago
That's a good idea, maybe I'll try it.
Lindermann95 (author)  Gadisha1 year ago
I'm glad you like it, I’m using it to make my arduino respond to me when I use a voice command, but thats a topic for another instructable, I'll upload it it soon

add bluetooth and aux bro and post it

Lindermann95 (author)  Elaya11 year ago

That could be an option but... what would you use the arduino for?

Maybe I can add the bluetooth and control the music commands from there (Play, Stop, Next... ), but I wouldnt send the audio from my phone, for this you can use basicly any bluetooth audio module.

ok tanq

add bluetooth and aux bro and post it