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Picture of Phoenix Costume

The idea of rising from the ashes in a burst of fire is amazing visual inspiration, and I have been wanting to create this costume for years. I started it two years ago, and am very excited to finally have it finished and out there in Instructable-land!

This is the second of two instructables. In the first I covered the headpiece, as it was the most complicated part of the costume. Check it out here! This one covers the rest of the costume, focusing on the wings, as the bodysuit is pretty simple.

While the headpiece was a more involved build, the wings were actually one of the most rewardingly quick and hiccup free projects I've completed in a while. There are some advantages of keeping the electronics simple with strands of ready made string lights vs the arduino powered lights of the headpiece :)

A big thank you to mikeasaurus and davekaplan for the amazing photos!

Step 1: Design

Picture of Design

The most difficult part of the design for this project was figuring out what shape to make the wings. I toyed around with making giant articulated wings which extended past my hands, or classic arched ones with a dramatic silhouette, but the reality is that neither of those are something one can practically wear out and about. From there I went in the direction of keeping the drama with a big golden cloak like Liz Taylor's shawl in Cleopatra. However in the end I came back to wanting something using feathers, and settled on a shape that felt dramatic enough while still having a low profile which could be worn in a crowd.

For the rest of the outfit, initially I wanted to keep things simple with a black bodysuit/onesie, but after trying on the wings and head piece it seemed too top heavy, and not birdlike enough. The dark red bodysuit pulled it together well and felt like a better distribution of color.

WOW! the lights were a real nice touch, they really made the whole thing pop! nice job

this is beyond amazing...if you dont win I´ll riot!

This came SO GOOOOD!! Amazing work, Natalie!

virpimt2 years ago

This is just awesome and great! Really nice pictures also. Good to have "not-totally-male" inventions on this site. I voted for this.

This is such a pretty costume! And you found an awesome place to take picture of it :D

playeddial2 years ago

Its beneficial

impied2 years ago

It looks so good!!!

WUVIE2 years ago
Good grief! This is simply stunning! Fabulous job, Natalina. :-)
Swansong2 years ago

It looks beautiful! You did an amazing job :)

Natalina (author)  Swansong2 years ago

Thank you!